Pet Care
I Love You This Much, Cat
So the other day, I stumbled across an old letter. The writing was messy, it was all scribbled in pencil (and it was fading). I couldn't recall what it was and was about to chuck it out until I realised what it was. It was a letter I randomly wrote when I was 14! Now it's not the proudest thing ever. In fact, I alternated between cringing and laughing about how lame it is... but anyway, here it is. Just for entertainment ;) Dear Kitty, Today when I was binge watching the big bang theory season 8 episodes, Penny sang [...]
My Cat Scratched My Leather Couch
Recently, I was really taught a lesson by my very own cat. Yes, my neglect led to my cat scratching out my expensive leather couch. More than often, we don't realize how much attention our pets need and it can be a real learning journey (with lots of painful lessons along the way!). I had an important presentation which I had been working on 8 to 10 hours a day since the previous Monday. With all this work on my mind, I had completely overlooked Misty who was around a year old then. I should admit I did see notice that she [...]
Increasing Your Cat’s Lifespan
With advancements in the science and technology of pet care, it seems that the average cat lifespan has seen an increase in recent years. We rejoice at this news and we welcome it. In fact, we have seen cats live well into their twenties. This article presents a couple of things you can do to ensure that your cat can live a long and healthy life. Buying Quality Cat Food Proper nutrition is vital in terms of keeping your feline friend healthy. You need to ensure that their diet fits their particular needs. There are a number of factors to [...]
3 Things Responsible Cat Owners Should Do
Having a pet cat is no joke. It entails a lot of responsibilities on the part of the owner. You need to keep in mind that your pet’s life depends entirely on you. Your choices can affect whether or not your cat will live a healthy and happy life. It's also essential to be totally committed to your cat. As we know, cats (or animals in general) know and understand more than we think. When you commit to your cat, make sure that it's for a lifetime and that you put in your best effort to look after and love [...]