My Cat Scratched My Leather Couch

Recently, I was really taught a lesson by my very own cat. Yes, my neglect led to my cat scratching out my expensive leather couch. More than often, we don’t realize how much attention our pets need and it can be a real learning journey (with lots of painful lessons along the way!).

I had an important presentation which I had been working on 8 to 10 hours a day since the previous Monday. With all this work on my mind, I had completely overlooked Misty who was around a year old then. I should admit I did see notice that she wanted a lot of attention, but I was too engrossed in the work to be able to give her some time.

Misty used to sit on my lap, but since I had to work on my laptop, I preferred to use my desk and not the couch. But Misty is a sweet cat. She did not mind sitting on the couch alone as long as I was around and visible. I could sense Misty waiting for me, but I could just manage to pat her every half an hour or so and then get back to work. I then gave her the special cat milk I had bought from the supermarket on Sunday. Misty liked the milk and after some time slept on the couch itself.

The next day was Wednesday, and I got up at 4 am to catch an early morning flight to Boston where I had a client presentation. Misty was still on the couch and appeared to be in a deep sleep. I chose not to disturb her. I filled up her food bowl with her favorite food and also two containers full of water. That would be enough to take care of her until the evening, and I will somehow make up for it when I return home.

I reached Boston on time, and the presentation went very well. I was happy and already expecting to hear some kind words from my boss. But that was to happen tomorrow at work. It was time for home and Misty whom I had neglected for the last three days. I was eagerly waiting to catch my flight back home, and there was news of inclement weather delaying the flight. Instead of 7 pm, I reached back home at 11 pm. I was anxious about Misty now.kitty scratched my leather sofa

I did not see anything unusual at home. Everything seemed normal. I went straight to the bedroom, kept my bag and came out looking for Misty and saw her lying in the corner of the living room. Usually, she would come running to me, but that was not the case today. I could sense something wasn’t right. I picked her up and turned back towards the couch to see it badly scratched and even torn from a few places.

Well I guess it was waiting to happen one day. I kept ignoring mom’s words of not restricting Misty’s access to the couch and my bed. Had I heeded my mom’s advice, maybe this wouldn’t have happened! But more than the couch, it was her display of anger that had shocked me completely. I won’t be underestimating her anymore!

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